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When a porpoise and the thing which there is remove different colors, in a whistle of molar ten company, there are five kinds.

The thing that a model number begins from WDFP ... by the type that the thing that a model number begins with RA ... soon is tuned up for each competition is a normal porpoise whistle.

A placed catalogue is this

 ※The image is molten 2015 catalogue

Five kinds as follows.


RA0070 Dolfin F
The Dolfin whistle which was tuned up for exclusive use of the soccer.
I go berserk thickly and am のある high-pitched tone
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RA0070-KS Dolfin F flip grip
It is the set of the Dolfin F+ flip grip.
A flip grip is an attachment making it easy to pose from the state that grasped a whistle and has a thing same as what Baru Kean soccer pro set has.
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RA0080 Dolfin B
The Dolfin whistle which was tuned up exclusively for a basket.
A start is strong, and I go berserk, and you can  hear a solid sound.
The mouthpiece which is glad to hold it in a mouth for a running judge is belonging to it
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WDFP Dolfin pro whistle
The longtime seller whistle of the molten brand.
Feature the fin which stretched like the fin of the dolphin, and the start is quick; go berserk, and a solid sound does it.
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WDFPKP Dolfin pro KP
It is the set of the Dolfin whistle + mouse grip.
Stability when I had it in my mouth appears and the coherency goes up and becomes easy to blow.
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A Table

The WDFP system is the same sound; of the mouse grip if there is it, a model number has KP.

RA0070 is for soccer, and RA0080 is tuned up each to be able to give a sound suitable for basketball.
A sound is high in comparison with the normal porpoise both.


Ask me about a sound of RA0070. Tuning to sound through the large soccer ground is considered to be it.




The mouse KP type with a grip is the same sound basically, but there is it when difference leaves for a sound.



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