Coaching dedicated Whistle will be released from molten company on February 21, 2017

 2017.02.24    industrynews

Coaching whistle specialized for skill / physical training will be released from sports equipment manufacturer's morten.

RA0050 The difference with the whistle is whether it is the sound required for a full-fledged competitor.
Stress at players at training is a big sound like a whistle dedicated to competition, sounds difficult to hear, and faint small sounds.
The coaching whistle keeps the volume down, clear sounds instructing stop & go by technical guidance
You can blow a continuous sound etc. to make the baseup up by physical fitness training.



  • Product name Coaching Whistle
  • Part number RA0110 (RA0110-K RA0110-KW RA0110-KR RA0110-KT)
  • Tax exclusion amount ¥1800
  • Name can not be processed

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