Handor ball dedicated whistle VORCA (Volca) will be released from molten company on January 21, 2017

 2017.01.17    industrynews

Referee whistle specialized for handball competition style will be released from sporting equipment manufacturer's Molten.

It is a competition whistle that follows football's Balkin, Basketbratza. Since DEEVO (Debo) dedicated to the handball referee is also released at the same time, the competition whistle will be a total of four types.

Until now the handball competition referee used Dolphin, FOX, other whistle. As a feature of the competition, indoor competition and coat are relatively small, it is said that the game development is speedy. The choices will be further expanded by VORCA (Volca) for handball released by Molten Company this time.

It is made specialized for handball and has big features such as a thick and sharp sound suitable for gymnasiums and a dedicated flip grip suitable for switching with the left and right hands.


  • Product name Volca
  • Part No. RA0090-KS
  • Tax exclusion price ¥ 5500
  • Name Processable

Press release http://www.molten.co.jp/sports/jp/news/release/2017/0116_02.pdf



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