Volleyball exclusive whistle DEEVO will be released from molten company on January 21, 2017

 2017.01.10    industrynews

A referee whistle dedicated to the volleyball competition style will be released from the sports equipment manufacturer's morten.

It is a competition whistle that follows football's Balkin, Basketbratza. Since VORCA dedicated to the handball referee is also released at the same time, the competition whistle will be a total of 4 types.

Until now the volleyball competition referee used dolphin, FOX, other long tube whistle which is considered exclusively for volleyball. As a feature of the competition, there are many cases where there are indoor competitions and multiple courts are adjacent to each other because of the relatively small size of the court, which often resulted in the necessity of using different tone colors. The option will be further expanded by DEEVO exclusive for volleyball released by Morten this time.

Also, because it is made specialized for volleyball, contribution to a better judge is expected even in single coat play.

  • Product name DEEVO
  • Part No. RA0100-K
  • Tax exclusion price ¥ 5500jpyen
  • Name Processable

Press release http://www.molten.co.jp/corporate/jp/news/pdf/2017_1_10-1.pdf






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