We bought emergency calli whistle e-call

 2016.12.17    apparent

We purchased whistle "E-Call".

It is a simple introduction and review so that it will be helpful for those who are going to buy from now

It is characterized by having a tubular shape containing contact notes for emergency situations. Easy to blow and sound even if it blows small.

Even if it blows big, the sound does not become proportionally large, I think that the volume is medium.
It sounds pretty annoying as the singing phrase "I hear it loudly in the ears of a person", so it is suitable for disaster prevention use. It is not suitable for coaching and sports because it is a tone that is not suitable for everyday use. You can put a name tag by removing the lid on the back with a nail. However, since the lid is fixed only by the frictional force, it may come off if you give a shock. It is still safe to stop with double-sided tape.


Design · Shape

Package: Simple broadcasting


Color: Yellow

Material: methacrylic resin + vinyl chloride





About sound

Sound size: medium

Height: high tone

Tone color: -

Easy to blow: easy to blow

Cork: no cork

Purchasing information

Buy shop: Amazon.co.jp

Price: 364 yen + shipping fee

Shipping method:-

Delivery time: About one week from purchase


Although we do not sell at this site as of 2016 / November, it is easy to obtain this product or the equivalent item.



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