We bought emergency calli whistle 885800

 2016.12.09    apparent

Lemon emergency calli whistle 885800 I bought it

It is a simple introduction and review so that it will be helpful for those who are going to buy from now.

It is characterized by having a tubular shape containing contact notes for emergency situations. The part occupied by whistle is small correspondingly, the sound is thin and small.

Although the price is very cheap, I think whether it can be difficult to rely on when it becomes a scene to use this.

Since it is not necessary to be cheap so far, if you raise the rigidity and volume of the material, you may buy it even at around 1000 yen.


Design · Shape

Package: Simple broadcasting


Color: Silver

Material: Aluminum

Finish: Nickel plating



About Sound

Sound size: small

Height: Medium

Tone color: thin

Easiness of blowing: ordinary

Cork: no cork

Purchasing information

Buy shop: Amazon.co.jp

Price: 118 yen + shipping fee

Shipping method:-

Delivery time: About one week from purchase

Although we do not sell at this site as of 2016 / November, it is easy to obtain this product or the equivalent item.



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