Method of the whistle sound reproduction

It allows the sound of the whistle to reproduce in sites in this site,

As a tool of that purpose, it allows a sound to reproduce in our site using an implantation tool of soundcloud (sound cloud) of the outside cloud service.

How to use is an extremely brief thing, but explains it in this page.
When you do not understand it well, look


At first. What's Soundcloud?

It is the service that IT service company SoundCloud Limited based in Berlin, Germany runs.

Approximately 400,000 people including a professional musician as of 2013 register.

As for the business contents, it is shared music, the sound.
In other words I bury it in one's WEB site and blog by service to have I upload one's musical piece and sound effects, a sound and hear it like Youtube and can regenerate it.


In this site, which part do you bury it in?

In the first of the product explanation column of the product details page ex.


A list of products and search results ex.


There parts of SoundCloud in a part and I can reproduce and do it.


How to play?

This is simple and only pushes the reproduction button.


Convenient how to use

To reproduce from the middle on the list

A wave pattern part expresses the volume of sound. The left starts, and the right is the end.

Reproduction begins with the part by clicking any part of the wave pattern. I click it again and again and can reproduce.


How to Replay?

The screen display may change after the reproduction. There are some patterns.

When it becomes in this way, I am restored if I push the right X.


I am restored if I push the left reproduction button when it becomes in this way, and reproduction begins.
In addition, the link (with the image, two are given to half of the bottoms) to the model number different sound may appear, but, please ignore it.

A site of SoundCloud is open when I click it. (I can reproduce there)


Trouble correspondence

Trouble correspondence

It is specifications of SoundCloud company.

Please click "Listen in brouser". I can reproduce as the screen.

I move to the site of SoundCloud when I click Play on SoundCloud.


I have gone to another site when I clicked it.

Because it is a site of SoundCloud, it is English, but there is no problem in particular. It is all right even if I close a screen.


A sound is not played

There are some reasons
There is the animation that the orange of the wave pattern advances

Without because reproduction in itself is performed, the orange of the wave pattern that the volume such as smartphones may become small advancing; in the left time as for the indication as 0

A disorder is caused in a site of SoundCloud; or by the environment such as browsers is possible.
When it was Chrome, the problem did not almost happen, but might not be sometimes reproduced when it was Firefox.

If it is possible, please try it by a different browser.