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We are looking forward to provision of information

In this site,We are selling goods.But we do not have particularly stuck in the information to sell.


I saw it in thing with the handling, thing, WEB which circulated only abroad in us,

The information that information, the maker which only shown information, the company side keep under control do not give positively,

It is etc, etc.

It is the thing which the part is a Dolfin whistle chronological table and is Tips and saw.

I think that there are not knowing a lot of things which this cannot keep under control either and the thing that I do not notice a lot.

If there are a thing and suggestion, a slight questionable point to know in such a matter, please take the contact to us.


Kind of the communication that I had so far

(of course it is OK other than such a thing)

  • ○○Is there は handling? (can you not do it?)
  • ○○Which should I use in the scene?
  • Watch the collection that I have that an article to explain such a thing wants to read! (pride OK.) I place it if you want;)!
  • Because there is the animation which oneself blew on, place it!
  • Is an animation blowing on better; "such, drank it in a net"
  • Will it be used by this animation which "watched this in an animation site?"
  • "There is very cheap one (it is often that I do not understand it), is this genuine?"
  • Though want to say to the maker (want to hear), cannot blow well; help me!
  • Should I let a child have for crime prevention?
  • Which should I be going to have?


There is the method to take the contact in various ways.Because you do not mind even a trifle, please contact me willingly

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