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molten, Dolfin, No Cork
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Dolfin pro metalic red color is 3,000 number of the toral sele-limited

Dolfin pro metalic blue color is 3,000 number of the toral sele-limited

A start is early; is shameless, and go berserk; a のある sound, megavolume to echo

By the fin which greatly projected into the outlet, the start is quick; have go berserk, and use the のある sound regardless of the competition including the handball, a lot of realization (molten is applying for a patent) basket valley soccer competition umpire
"Dolfin" of DolfinPro is the coined word that let you splash two fins (Dual Fin) and Dolphin of the dolphin which stretched up and down on each other.
Most important "is good, and, in the case of a lev ring, this unique shape draws going sound" to the maximum.

Item    Contents
Material    ABS resin
Production country    Made in Japan
Accessories    Rope (belonging to two adjustment rings) JAN cord

Food hygiene law conformity product(Japan)

※Because I design it to be able to give a loud sound, I may graze a sound when it blew lightly.

The sound is the same as a normal Dolfin pro



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No Cork
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A porpoise pro whistle (Dolfinpro) which molten Co., Ltd. released won a good design prize in 2004. ※It is news of 2004, but lists it to gather it...

The imitation of inferior quolity is a sold thigs,but a shape is sasy to imitate any product as a simple thing.

Named "Donfln" and the thing which there is have it in various ways. It is a similar product comparison, molten company Dolfin whistle.
The production porpoise professional whistle of the molten to sell has color variations in various ways. That change by the year, and an attributive color is made and. While being usable for an official game, colorful and "KAWAII" to overcome! There seem to be a lot of people gathering by a hobby.