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Tuning and design suitable for a physical education class

It was winnowed depending on attention and a meeting, an instruction, warning, the scene including the umpire and tuned it up for the sound that was hard to give a student stress. Because a sound sounds properly even if it blows and share injury possibility is light and blows, the various scenes of coaching and the physical education class are whistles suitable for instruction.

Scrawler for the cork which a rumble has good even if it blows lightly

Because a scrawler is carried not cork, turns are always stable, and a tone is winnowed from a milder signal sound to stronger beep sound.
A clear sound comes out even if it blows weakly (than which cork whistle of molten!)

Generally, the whistle made by cork is easy to give a sound than a corkless type, but can start a sound by the expiration that is weaker than it.
The burden on user decreases and is suitable for instruction because it is easy to acquire the strength and weakness of the sound.
It is clean by washing in water anytime

I can wash what saliva does not soak into in water for the characteristic of the scrawler.
I am suitable for the instruction of the teacher of the school which even the point uses frequently because I can use even rainy weather without minding it.

material ABS resin polyethylene
weight 5g
size width17mm×length53mm×height29mm
production country japan
accessories rope
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manufacturer :
No Cork(scroller)
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A coaching whistle suitable for technical guidance to serious athletes was released by Molten.
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It is a list of production or makers providing with a whistle.

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